4Corners Images: Romania Revealed

Romania, Mehedinti County, Orsova, Iron Gates Natural Park, The Statue of King Decebal carved in the mountain

Romania remains a European enigma emerging from the shadow of dictatorial rule decades after it ended.

On his visit, travel photographer Jan Wlodarczyk focused on Transylvania and the beautiful historic towns of Sibiu, Brasov and Sighisoara as well as Timisoara in Western Romania, the Parang Mountains and Iron Gates National Park.

Jan’s wonderful images reveal Romania’s charm, elegance and natural beauty.

As a travel destination, Romania clearly deserves way more attention than it currently gets.

See for yourself in this gallery of images by Jan Wlodarczyk or all 4Corners images of Romania.

Picture credit: © Iron Gates National Park FCR-507809 by Jan Wlodarczyk