April highlights from Image Quest Marine


Photo of the Month

Our photo of the month shows a discarded fishing net, captured by photographer, Lou Luddington, on a recent dive. The shot belongs to a special ‘Seaspiracy’ photo collection we recently launched, with images related to the new Netflix film. The trending documentary is generating lots of debate on the fishing industry’s effect on the ocean. Our collection features photography of discarded nets and their effect on marine wildlife, as well as other aspects of the commercial fishing industry, all captured by Image Quest Marine photographers. Email us to find out more.

April Spotlight: World Penguin Day

25th April is World Penguin Day…  And we’ve had great fun putting together some of our favourite images of these very special aquatic birds! Click on the image to enjoy our gallery which includes the Galapagos Penguin, the only penguin to live north of the equator, as well as the distinctive-looking Macaroni Penguin and magnificent Emperor Penguin, the tallest penguin species.

Image Quest Marine in Action: Justin Marshall on the BBC

For those of you who watched David Attenborough’s recent mini-series Life in Colour (mentioned in our last newsletter), you may have spotted our photographer Professor Justin Marshall, discussing how he adapted a polarising camera to work underwater. Read our special blog post to find out more and see some of his beautiful colourful photography.

Image Quest Marine newsletter 20 April, 2021.
Picture credit: Discarded fishing net pollution, Playa de Las Arenas, Vale Gran Rey, La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain ©Lou Luddington / imagequestmarine.com