British IP Day Celebrates its 5th Year

Alliance for IP press release – 1 July, 2020

Creators and businesses came together today to celebrate the importance of Intellectual Property (IP) to the UK’s economic and cultural life. Now in its fifth year, British IP Day offers the opportunity for those who rely on IP for their living to engage with policymakers to raise the profile of IP and some of the issues that currently exist in its promotion and protection.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic , this year’s events took on a very different form, but we still brought together policymakers from across the political spectrum to hear in particular about the importance of IP in future trade agreements. 

As the UK recovers from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we will rely even more heavily on IP rich industries, given their significant growth rates before the pandemic. Maximizing that potential will mean that we have to redouble our efforts to prevent income being lost due to counterfeiting and piracy.

The Alliance for Intellectual Property, organisers of British IP Day, published a video featuring representatives from across IP rich industries to highlight why it is so vital to their current and future success.  A video was also created showing representatives from all four main political parties talking about why they believe IP is crucial to the UK.

Amanda Solloway MP, the Minister with responsibility for IP, also provided her thoughts on video as to why IP is an important policy priority.

During the afternoon, MPs, Peers and officials from the Intellectual Property Office and the Department for International Trade heard from representatives from the film and TV, music, design, legal and art sectors about some of the issues that were most important within the trade talks being conducted with the EU, US, Japan and the soon to begin discussions with Australia and New Zealand. 

Commenting on the day, Dan Guthrie, Director General of The Alliance for Intellectual Property said:

“As we begin the slow recovery from COVID-19, maximizing the potential of our creators and IP-reliant industries will be even more vital.  Every pound lost to counterfeiting and piracy is a pound lost to our economy and one that can’t be reinvested in the content, designs, products and services that the British people love. 

“As trade negotiations intensify it is vital that we use them to protect our IP system and ensure other countries do the same to support global IP creators”

Tim Moss, CEO of The UK Intellectual Property Office said:

“British IP Day is a great time to reflect on how IP underpins so much that makes life easier, safer, prosperous and more enjoyable. It is so much more than just the process of granting patents, registering trademarks and designs, and copyright. IP matters.

“It is the backbone of innovation and creativity, and its importance has been reinforced during recent efforts to resolve COVID-19 pandemic challenges. It will also play an important role as the thread running through the recovery of economies across world nations as IP-rich organisations contribute to our return to full strength as an innovative and creative nation.”