Capture ROYALTIES makes light work of managing commission payments

Capture Ltd press release.

capture ltd logoCapture Ltd has launched a fast roll-out, stand-alone version of its powerful web-based royalty management system – which allows agencies to manage contributors’ commission in a variety of innovative ways, at the click of a button, whether working from the office or remotely.

Capture ROYALTIES can generate invoices, attribute  contributors and commission percentages to sales, import agent reports, auto-calculate multiple pay-outs at a click, and allows contributors a private portal to view their accounts, which are automatically updated – along with all background accounting – in real time.

As well as handling simple two-way commission, and the ability to debit and credit contributor accounts, Capture ROYALTIES also has options for the handling of introducer’s commission, split commission, automatic deductions at asset level – and also the calculation of commission based on a range of variable criteria such as type of asset, licence, usage, collection, contributor.

Capture ROYALTIES also incorporates Capture’s powerful reporting system. Our reports allow both users and contributors to extract vital data on what content is selling and where.

Capture ROYALTIES can be delivered immediately, comes with two hours’ training from expert staff and a package of training aids, including tutorial videos, and is available on a subscription basis with no up-front or hidden costs.

Capture ROYALTIES is a powerful and flexible solution for anyone managing contributors and commission payments. It is a key part of Capture’s technology platform, which comprises a suite of web-based, ‘out-of-the-box’ building block products addressing every step of the professional content industry’s workflow.

These products can be used individually, or in combination, or as part of a large bespoke project. Meanwhile, Capture’s comprehensive API allows seamless integration with third party systems, ensuring maximum return-on-investment on both new and existing technology.

Capture CEO Abbie Enock said: “It is vital that the cost of transactions comes down through technical automation, and the ability to motivate contributors and copyright holders to attract and produce more, better quality content goes up. Capture ROYALTIES helps achieve that – as well as providing transparency, with agencies able to optionally allow their contributors to monitor their accounts online.

“Through our policy of productising our platform into ‘building blocks’, we are also able to offer this powerful functionality at a price that is affordable to the image industry – and quick to deploy.

Prices: £499 ($700/€635) per month, dropping to £417 ($585/€530) per month if you pay annually, all inclusive, ex VAT / TAX

Capture is a leader in enterprise grade media management systems and services including rights, licensing, metadata, royalties, e-commerce. Its knowledgeable team has 250 years’ combined industry experience.

The product data sheet is available for download here

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