Cultura Creative and GUAP


Image Source press release – 31 August, 2021.

Cultura Creative today announces the winners of its first new Photo Competition in parallel with GUAP magazine initiative to celebrate Black Photographers and encouraging excellence in creativity.

Cultura Creative is part of the Image Source family, an independent award-winning high-end stock agency founded in London in 1999 by Christina Vaughan, herself from a tribal background. BIPOC [Black, Indigenous and People of Colour] Photographers and Videographers are massively under-represented in the photography licensing industry.

Cultura Creative aims to recruit, support and develop multi-racial Photographers, Videographers and Illustrators of Colour. It is our intention to be the change we want to see in the stock photography industry and to inspire an entire eco-system, making a commitment to work not only with BIPOC Photographers, Videographers and Illustrators but to work with make-up artists, stylists, producers and editors from the BIPOC community and creating an entirely inclusive premium stock collection. We are building one of the largest communities of black creators and wish to celebrate creativity in our community.

Keshida Layone, Cultura’s new Head of Content in New York stated “BIPOC Photographers and Videographers are massively under-represented in the stock photography industry. Our goal is to recruit, support, and develop 300 Creators in the next 3 year period and we are excited to be the trailblazers for this initiative in stock licensing”.

Christina Vaughan comments “At Image Source, we have always brought different people and cultures together. Diversity and Inclusion is part of who we are and it has been vital to building a successful business. We believe diversity brings benefits for our clients, our business and our people. We want to reflect the communities in which we operate as these different perspectives drive innovation. We have always believed strongly in authenticity and we want to switch our focus to behind the lens and ensure we are promoting and celebrating Creators from BIPOC backgrounds to come work and shoot for us.”

The Colour Bold competition in partnership with GUAP celebrates black creativity and supports creators with cash prizes as well as getting photographers’ images in front of our top level judging panel.

The Winner of the Competition is Isis Matthew-Boundy

“The Arts have always fascinated me from childhood and my interest in photography became prominent when my mum finally acquired her first digital camera in 2004 and I couldn’t keep my hands off it! I used it for documenting the plants and flowers around my estate, but eventually going on to become more interested in other areas of photography, such as portraiture, architecture, and landscape. I’m saving to be able to afford a new camera so will be putting the prize money towards that.”

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Picture credit: Maisha in Kew ©Isis Matthew-Boundy