Cultura Creative introduce Unu Lucky Mamu

Nigeria, Delta state, Rear view of woman in patterned dress walking in field

Unu Lucky Mamu is a self-taught photographer located in Delta State, Nigeria, currently a student in Electrical Engineering, with an interest and talent in art and photography.

“I started taking pictures with my mobile phone. I’ve always loved pretty scenes like sunsets, flowers, clouds and rivers so I decided to capture those moments to immortalize them and also so I could share them with the people around me. Before I knew it I was already in love with creating pictures and with my little experience in poetry and story telling I knew I wanted to tell stories just the same way with photography. So when I finally got a DSLR I began to do just that.

“In a sense I’d say I was drawn to photography because of my love for beautiful things and I’ve carried on because of the ability to share my vision and stories with others.”

“The Challenges I often encounter are trying to balance school whilst also taking pictures at the same time. So I don’t do a lot of commercial work most of the time, just personal projects. Also, I’m limited by the gear I have access to, but thankfully there’s a small photography community here and I get to borrow gear from other people when I need them.

“My favourite picture from the submission is the one in the rural setting with the girl walking down a footpath [first image]. It’s a very symbolic picture to me because it feels like she’s embarking on a journey into a world that’s different from the one most people are used to and it strongly resonates with the plans I have for my art.”

“For this set of pictures the inspiration behind them was a sort of exploration of bonds between yourself and between other people. The stylish couple showcase a delicate feeling of trust, balance and completeness.”

See Unu Lucky Mamu’s work here

Cultura Creative newsletter – 19 September 2021.

Picture credit: ©Unu Lucky Mamu / Image Source