Executive Board

Isabelle Doran, Chairperson (Loupe Images) 

Isabelle is the Picture Library Manager at Loupe Images. Throughout her career she has been both a supplier and client - previously working in the design sector, as well as at several picture libraries, including as a photography graduate at Tony Stone before it became Getty Images.

She also worked for several years at Magnum Photos, which has an unprecedented reputation in photojournalism and copyright. This was followed by time away to complete a Masters in Museum Management, broadening her knowledge of the creative sector.

Tim Harris, Treasurer (Nature Picture Library)

Tim Harris is Sales and Marketing Manager at Nature Picture Library, having joined the company in 2009. Previously Tim managed the sales team at Photoshot and was manager of the NHPA collection for more than 20 years. He has twice previously served on the BAPLA Executive and was for more than 10 years chair of the Rights Group. He has judged several major nature photography competitions, including the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Tim holds a degree in Modern Languages and speaks French, German and Spanish. 

Paul Seheult, Secretary (Eye Ubiquitous/ Hutchison) 

Paul has run his own picture library for 25 years and has been a member of the Executive Board for much of that time.

He has worked on various groups within the Board and has most recently been involved in dealing with the changes to copyright law, the Copyright Hub and collective licensing in general. 

John Balean (TopFoto) 

John graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in the Visual Arts and a major in Photography.

After a brief period as a freelance photographer and visual artist he joined TopFoto (then Topham Picturepoint), where he is the International and Marketing Manager and also co-ordinating an EU (Europeana) project.

John has given lectures and written about the picture industry including, Editor of the 2008-2009 CEPIC Image Trading International, Chair of 'Free Pictures - Friends or Foes?' at the 2009 CEPIC Annual Congress, a contributor to Photo Archive News and as the Consultant Researcher to the Press Photo History Project.

In his spare time creates daguerreotypes, the earliest form of photography, using a vintage Gandolfi 5x7 plate camera.

Toby Hopkins (Getty Images)

Toby has been working in pictures since CD-roms were the exciting new technology.  He is currently working with book publishing clients at Getty Images.

David Price-Hughes (Bridgeman Images)

As International Sales Manager for Bridgeman Images, David Price-Hughes oversees the international reseller network as well as developing direct accounts globally. Prior to joining Bridgeman, David spent thirteen years with akg-images, starting as a picture researcher, before spending seven years heading akg's London office as Managing Director, responsible for collection management, rights and licensing in the UK, USA and Commonwealth.