Image Suppliers


BAPLA members range from the biggest names in the business to smaller, specialist collections. Between them they offer an enormous range of high quality pictures across all subjects, together with price structures and licence types to service all requirements. The Image Suppliers section of the website is designed to help you find the image supplier - and therefore the images - you need.

There are four search options:


You can search by subject. On this page you will find a list of categories together with an indication of some of the subjects they cover. Click on the links to display a list of BAPLA members who offer content in these specific subject areas.

Libraries and agencies that offer content across a wide range of subject matters can be found listed under General Stock; you may also find these large collections listed under subjects they particularly specialise in.


If you're looking for a specific library or agency you can search via our A-Z listing and click through to their profile page where you will find a description, contact details and sample images.

You'll also see a handy guide next to the library name which indicates the licence/content type they offer:

a. RM = Rights Managed

b. RF = Royalty Free

c. FG = Footage

d. MS = Microstock

For an explanation of the differences between types of licence, click here.


If you have a specific image request you can complete the image request form. Your request will be sent to our database of image suppliers. Libraries with suitable images will then contact you direct.


If you are looking for rights owners as part of a diligent search required when applying for an Orphan Works licence, you can use the Orphan Works search request form, which  forwards to our database of image suppliers.

Orphan Works summary

On 29th October 2014, the Government launched the first UK Orphan Works Scheme after several years of consultation with stakeholders, including BAPLA. The Government Scheme enables an individual or organisation to license an Orphan Work for commercial or non-commercial use. 

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Licensing FAQ

What are the different types of licences on offer?

Rights-Managed (RM) - A good licence to opt for if you know exactly what you're going to be using the image for (.i.e. a brochure, a leaflet or for your website) and for how long.

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