How do I add pictures to our company page?

Please email the pictures to the BAPLA office

Pictures need to be cropped to:
Landscape - width: 580 px at 72 dpi
Portrait - height: 580 px at 72 dpi

Pictures are displayed in rows of 3, so we recommend sending a set of 3, 6 or 9. 

I need to be reminded of my password for the BAPLA website.

You can use the automatic password reset here. If you can't remember the email address you used to register, contact the BAPLA office and they will try to retrieve it for you.  

How do I publish a job ad? 

Job ads are free to BAPLA members as part of their membership, so you just need to email the copy for your ad to the BAPLA office.

How do I subscribe to the members' newsletter? 

Please contact the BAPLA office and they will add you to the list of subscribers.  

I have news for the blog or newsletter - who do I contact?

Please send your news to Susanne or contact her with any questions.  

How do I notify BAPLA of a change of address?

Please contact the BAPLA office.

How do I update the details on our company page? 

Please contact the BAPLA office with details of any changes you would like made to your page.  

Where can I find out about the benefits of my membership?

You can find download an overview below:

- Benefits of full membership

- Benefits of associate membership

- Benefits of industry supplier membership