Getty Images awards $40,000 to photojournalists documenting the impact of the pandemic on their communities

Getty Images press release – 28 July, 2020.

The recipients of the annual Getty Images’ Reportage Grant series, which hail from Brazil, Germany, Iran, Colombia, Lebanon, Italy, Peru and China, were awarded $5,000 each for their work covering important COVID-19 stories

Getty Images, a world leader in visual communications, today announced the recipients of its annual Reportage Grants programme, this year awarding eight photojournalists $5,000 each for projects centered around the COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the grant series was to support photographers around the world as they work to safely capture the wide-ranging impact of COVID-19 on their communities.

The winners of the 2020 Reportage Grant are:

— Forough Alaei: based in Tehran, Forough’s project explores the impact of COVID-19 and its related travel restrictions on local economies along the Caspian Sea coast, a popular destination for domestic tourism and recreation during the summer months.

— Fabio Bucciarelli: Fabio, from Northern Italy, will continue coverage of the pandemic and its aftermath in Lombardy, the Italian region hardest hit by the virus. Fabio’s work focuses on the impact the pandemic has had on social issues, such as poverty and homelessness.

— Florence Goupil: From Cusco in Peru, Florence’s project captures the pandemic’s effects on the Cantagallo Island community of Lima, which is home to people from the Shipibo-Conibo indigenous group. The virus has been widespread in the community, with many turning to traditional plant-based medicines.

— Diego Ibarra: Beirut based photojournalist Diego will document how the coronavirus pandemic has intersected with Lebanon’s ongoing economic and political crisis, as well as its consequences for the country’s immigrant and refugee communities.

— Ingmar Björn Nolting: Ingmar, who lives in Leipzig, will continue examining the impact of COVID-19 in Germany. His project will capture how society navigates its return to life post-lockdown and the recovery of the German economy.

— Tommaso Protti: Tommaso’s project documents the spread of COVID-19 in São Paulo, where he lives, and Manaus, Brazil’s two epicentres of the pandemic. In particular, his work looks at how the disease affects the two cities’ poorest and most vulnerable communities.

— Nicolò Filippo Rosso:Nicolò, who lives in Bogotá, will capture how the pandemic has affected Venezuelan migrants in Colombia, where the COVID-19 lockdown measures have prevented them from earning a living and forced many to return to Venezuela.

— Shi Yangkun: focused on Wuhan, the Chinese city where the novel coronavirus was first discovered, Shi documents the city’s recovery from the pandemic, specifically focusing on the physical and psychological recovery of COVID-19 patients in the city.

“It has been our mission to move the world with visuals ever since Getty Images was founded 25 years ago. This is more important now than ever, as visual storytelling has the ability to uniquely capture the widespread and lasting consequences of the pandemic,” said Ken Mainardis, Senior Vice President for Content, Getty Images.

“The winners have shone a light on the personal impact of COVID-19 felt by different communities worldwide, bringing attention to these individual stories which collectively demonstrate the global and wide-reaching impacts of this devastating virus.”

Submissions were judged by a prestigious industry-leading panel, including:

— Jay Davies, Director of News Photography (EMEA), Getty Images

— Mengwen Cao, Photographer and Visuals Editor for ChinaFile

— Nicole Frugé, Director of Photography for the San Francisco Chronicle

— Michael Goldfarb, Communications Director for Doctors Without Borders USA

— Emanuela Mirabelli, Photo Editor for Marie Claire Italy

— Newsha Tavakolian, Photographer with Magnum Photos

The Getty Images Reportage Grants is part of the Getty Images wider Grants program, which, since its inception, has awarded US$1.7 million to photographers and filmmakers worldwide. Please visit Where We Stand to learn more.

List of winners and full project titles:

— Forough Alaei: COVID-19 in Iran’s Hottest Season

— Fabio Bucciarelli: Left Behind

— Florence Goupil: Cantagallo Island: an Indigenous Community Resists with Medicinal Plants Against the COVID-19 Virus.

— Diego Ibarra: The Phoenician collapse: Between the Economical Crisis and Pandemia

— Ingmar Nolting: Measure and Middle: A Journey through Germany during the COVID-19 Pandemic

— Tommaso Protti: Brazil’s COVID-19 Poor

— Nicolò Filippo Rosso:Exodus

— Shi Yangkun: The Many Faces of Wuhan

Picture credit: ©Forough Alaei/ Getty Images Reportage Grant