Green Planet – the amazing powers of Plants from Nature Picture Library

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The Green Planet series, presented and narrated by David Attenborough, has just been shown on BBC1. The series focuses on the vital role that plants play in life on earth, highlighting how they influence climate, water, animals and humans.

The five episodes each focus on a different habitat and reveal the secret life of plants, showing that they are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as the animals on our planet. The series is still available to view in the UK on iPlayer and will be shown on other major TV channels across the world this year.

We’ve created a new Green Planet blog which explores the issues covered in the series in more detail, and also a new Green Planet gallery section on our website where you can explore the stories told in the five episodes, and also browse the NPL images used in the Green Planet book.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Green Planet with Nature Picture Library.

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