Millennium Images

Unit K, Reliance Wharf, London N1 5EW, United Kingdom

Millennium operates in the field of contemporary photography.

Our aim is to bridge a common gap between artistic endeavour and commercial success.

We sell reproduction rights, put on exhibitions, sell prints and undertake portfolio reviews.

We are not a publicly funded body and all our revenue is derived from our commercial activities.

We work with many organisations supplying images for magazines, advertising and especially book covers through the world.

Our aim has always been to engage with and foster young and emerging photographers.

We have strong ties with many photographic colleges and festivals, both in the UK and elsewhere, sourcing much of our imagery from amongst the brightest young talent around.

Of course as Millennium itself has been around for more than 20 years many of our 1000+ photographers are now serious established names in their own right.

Our searchable database of more than 65000 images has become known among our loyal clients around the world as supplying some of the most exciting and usable contemporary photography anywhere.

Millennium has a small team dedicated to our aims in the contemporary photography world.

We are based in Haggerston, London.