July Highlights from Nature Picture Library


Over the last month Nature Picture Library have added a great variety of new images to their site, from many parts of the globe. You will find marine material from Franco Banfi, David Fleetham and Linda Pitkin, dramatic images from Svalbard by Ole Jorgen Liodden, new landscapes from David Noton, wild red pandas, and the engaging work of new contributor Jen Guyton, featuring endearing meerkats, rare subjects from Mozambique, and the weird Welwitschia mirabilis, one of the world’s oldest and most primitive plants.

Check out the new gallery.

(Image 01567946) Meerkat pup (Suricata suricatta) standing among its family in a field of Devilthorn flowers (Tribulus zeyheri). Kalahari Desert, South Africa. PhotographerJen Guyton / naturepl