Magnum Photos re-launches its commercial division

Belgium, Brussels, 2018 Audi platform ©Gueorgui Pinkhassov/Magnum Photos
Magnum Photos press release – April 2019.

Spring 2019 marks an important phase in the history of Magnum Photos, the world’s original photography co-operative, founded in 1947. The agency has rebranded its commercial services, now reinforced with a designated website showcasing its creative offering. 

In line with the times, Magnum has kept pace with progress in the marketing and advertising industries, evolving to meet the needs of global clients and in response to the diversification of its talent roster. 

Magnum’s strength has always been credible creativity. Their services include concept & content creation as well as full campaign production, and stretches to exhibitions, books, media partnerships and editorial features on Magnum’s own digital and social media channels.

Most recently this led to creating an experimental series for car giant Audi, of their new fully electric, four-wheel-drive SUV the Audi e-tron. The project has been communicated on Magnum’s editorial site as well as social media to its wide global readership and 5.2 million followers. 

Audi wanted the best, so asked renowned Magnum photographers Paolo Pellegrin and Gueorgui Pinkhassov to spend five days at its resource-efficient production plant in Brussels to visually express the essence of the car.

Capturing reflective surfaces, the robots’ strength and grace as well as the factory workers’ dedication and passion, they produced a series of photographs that highlighted the intelligence and craft that went into creating the Audi e-tron, as well as the innovation and care this new electric vehicle represents. 

Magnum has recently worked on global partnerships with Fujifilm, Samsung, SK-II and The Macallan on fully integrated experimental campaigns. Throughout the seven decades of

Magnum’s journey, the co-operative’s photographers have shot historic adverts for the likes of Ford, Barney’s NYC, IBM and Lavazza. 

Magnum continues to perfect its original services including a diverse range of photographic practices spanning photojournalism, documentary and conceptual art, books, photo & art dealership, education programming and exhibitions with global institutions. The co-operative regularly welcomes new talent, carefully chosen by the membership, to diversify its ranks. 

The agency’s traditional editorial services also remain at the forefront of its focus. Its photographers have recently worked on special projects with Time and Vogue and continue to service commissions for leading global news titles to capture the world’s most important moments. 

Magnum photographers have been telling the world’s most important stories visually for over 70 years. The photographic agency represents a network of photographers with varied styles and exceptional skills. 

As part of Magnum’s ongoing transformation, previous initiatives include launching native content on its editorial site and rolling out accounts on Chinese social media platforms. The success of Magnum’s digital expansion to date is demonstrated by their hyper-engaged, global following on social media – with 5.2 million social media followers, including 3 million on Instagram.

Fiona Rogers, COO of Magnum Photos, says: “Magnum has a deeply storied history that is rooted in our editorial past and cooperative nature. As our photographers continue to diversify, we are proud to be expanding our creative offering, maintaining the quality and credibility we’ve become renown for and manifesting in a designated division which celebrates our unique commercial offering.” 

Sophie Wright, the Global Cultural Director of Magnum Photos, says: “Magnum Photos has long been a destination for photography commissions that transcend their subject matter, to reach a broad, creatively engaged, consumer audience.

Magnum’s new creative site will serve to highlight some of our better-known projects, and for the first time, present the breadth of our offer to prospective partners. Through books and exhibitions, talks and educational content, Magnum’s programming contextualises commissioned work in a respected and credible cultural context, our partners benefiting from the agency’s heritage and contemporary reputation as a leading photographic brand.”  

About Magnum Photos

Founded in 1947 by Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David Seymour, Magnum Photos is a co-operative owned by its members. Magnum Photos represents some of the world’s most renowned photographers. 

With offices in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, Magnum photographers continue to chronicle the world, interpreting its people, events and issues through visual storytelling. 

Magnum members shoot commercial assignments and commissions for some of the world’s leading organisations and Magnum Photos offers a range of creative services, including programming international exhibitions, workshops, events and books, as well as its own independent publishing platform.

In line with the times, Magnum has been undergoing a brand and digital transformation. Its success to date is demonstrated by their hyper-engaged, global following on social media – with 5.2 million social media followers, including 3 million followers on Instagram and a million on Twitter – and growing innovative revenue streams for the artists that make up the collective.

Picture credit: Belgium, Brussels, 2018 Audi platform ©Gueorgui Pinkhassov/Magnum Photos