March highlights from Image Quest Marine

Hardyhead Silverside - shoaling

Our photo of the month is this stunning, dynamic shot of a large school of Hardyhead Silverside, swimming together off the Maldives. Schools of Hardyhead Silverside can range from several hundred individuals to formations that may be over 100m long and 20m wide! This beautiful capture is one of many new images arriving from our photographers throughout the month. Keep an eye on the website for more fresh content!

March spotlight: the Giant Pacific Octopus
We have added a great new set of images of the world’s largest octopus species, the Giant Pacific Octopus, to our library. Click here to view our new gallery and find out more.

Image Quest Marine in action: Life in Colour
We are delighted to have provided images to the book accompanying David Attenborough’s new series, Life in Colour. Read our blog post to find out more and see our favourite feature in the series.

Image Quest Marine newsletter – 18 March, 2021.
Picture credit: Hardyhead Silverside – schooling ©Jim Greenfield /