Mary Evans collection of the week: National Museums Northern Ireland

Spring (1633). Brueghel, Pieter II 1564-1638 (after). Date: 1633

We have been sending out a Collection of the Week for almost four years, and although we love telling you about brand new collections, we also think it’s important to remind you about others that have been with us for a while. With this in mind, we’re revisiting a former COTW which we truly believe warrants a second look.

National Museums Northern Ireland’s superlative collection of fine art paintings, watercolours, and prints contains works of international importance and historic significance. At its heart is the Irish collection from the Ulster Museum with paintings from the late 1600s to the present day, and featuring such celebrated artists as Sir John Lavery, William Conor, Frank O’Meara and John Luke.

There are also works by artists as diverse as portraitists Gainsborough and Reynolds, Italian master Pompeo Batoni, and naive Cornish painter Alfred Wallis, as well as drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Henry Fuseli and costume designer Charles Ricketts.

This fantastic fine art collection, available at, deserves to be known and used more widely, and would add finesse to any historical project. View a great cross-section of these images here.

Mary Evans Picture Library newsletter – 19 April, 2021.
Spring (1633). Brueghel, Pieter II 1564-1638 ©Mary Evans / National Museums Ireland