Mary Evans collection of the week: Rod Shone

Elderly couple dancing Italy.     Date:

For forty years, Rod Shone worked as a photographer for advertising and corporate clients as well as for newspaper colour supplements. But in between professional obligations, he spent time working on a personal portfolio of street photographs, taken in Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Cuba and the Soviet Union, mainly during the 1980s.

Rod’s collection is a highly artistic and evocative portrait of life during this period captured with a creative eye, by somebody who knows how to punctuate everyday scenes with the unusual or surreal. From atmospheric misty English mornings to bustling continental cafes; soldiers in a sub-zero Red Square to the soft warmth and shadows in a Valencian back street, Rod’s photography is by turns romantic, breathtaking, moving, amusing, curious but ultimately transporting.

There is also a thought-provoking set of images taken at Auschwitz, a chilling reminder of what took place there.

It is perhaps no surprise that Rod now mainly works as an artist, and we also represent a small selection of this area of his work too. Click here to see a selection from his collection of over 650 images.

Mary Evans newsletter – 22 January, 2021
Picture credit: Elderly couple dancing, Italy ©Rod Shone / Mary Evans Picture Library