Mary Evans collection of the week: The Medici Society – Three courses for Christmas


Our representation of the prestigious Medici Society collection of art and illustration is a decade old, and over the years, we have continued to add more and more images from their seemingly infinite archive. The total at present stands at almost 18,500 pictures, spanning fine art, classic nursery illustration, cartoons, florals, decorative, religious, animals and landscapes.

When the Medici Society began back in 1908, its aim was to offer affordable art prints to the public though it would branch out into book and card publishing soon after. Christmas imagery is a particular strength, and even if you’re not a greeting card publisher, we’ve supplied Medici Christmas images for a whole host of uses in the past including TV set dressing, magazine covers, marketing emails, food packaging, stationery sets and cross stitch kits. And while we cannot deny browsing the Medici Society pictures online is a delightful distraction, we also know that time is precious and a bit of focus can be useful. To this end, we’re highlighting three contrasting styles of illustration from the Medici Society, all with a festive flavour.

Retro Christmas
If mid-century modern is your cup of tea, then the bright, graphic style of artists like Esme Eve and Kris will fit the bill. Poodles with presents, beatnik couples in the snow, and musical robins are just some of the Christmas characters making up this retrotastic roll call of pictures

Arty Christmas
For a classic Christmas mood, the Medici collection of fine art, which includes a number of atmospheric landscapes, will put you in a wintry frame of mind.

Christmas Charm
Or discover the whimsical worlds of artists like Margaret Tarrant, Molly Brett and Racey Helps, whose charming illustrations of cute children, fairies and woodland animals are guaranteed to give a warm nostalgic glow. Click here to see a selection of exquisite designs.

Mary Evans Picture Library newsletter – 15 October, 2020.
Picture credit ©Medici / Mary Evans Picture Library