Mary Evans partners with British Pathé

Mary Evans - Pathe
Mary Evans picture library press release – 22 September, 2020.

Mary Evans Picture Library is pleased to announce that it will represent the Time to Remember Stills Collection from the iconic newsreel archive British Pathé. This specially curated selection of the best and most relevant images from this unique collection will be available through the UK’s leading historical image specialist.

Considered the finest newsreel archive in the world, British Pathé is a priceless resource of historical imagery. It’s Time to Remember Stills Collection represents the best of its archival content, covering the years 1896-1945. Unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance, the stills are a never-before seen record of key moments, earth-shattering events, famous figures, as well as fashions and fads through the decades.

British Pathé camera operators were present around the world to record the most significant moments in history for cinema audiences in the UK. There are scenes from both World Wars, VE Day celebrations, the General Strike of 1926, the Coronation of King George VI, the fire at Crystal Palace and the Hindenburg disaster. Theatre and entertainment is well represented, as well as royal tours, elections, travel and transport. With cameras rolling at sporting events such as the 1936 Berlin Olympics, or at the Derby when suffragette Emily Wilding Davison was knocked down and killed by the king’s horse, the stills from these and many other films frequently capture angles or details previously unseen through photography of the time.

“We chose Mary Evans as they are the leading specialist in licensing historical stills, and share our dedication towards the preservation and proliferation of historic archival material” indicates Alastair White, CEO of British Pathé.

“We are delighted to offer this outstanding historical content from British Pathé,” says Paul Brown, Managing Director at Mary Evans Picture Library.

“The collection covers so many layers of late 19th and early 20th century history, we feel it will really complement and enrich our existing material. It will be a hugely useful resource for our clients, but is also immensely interesting in own right, giving a totally different perspective on many of the most important events from recent history. “

“Mary Evans Picture Library is now in its 56th year of business, and this new agreement, to represent material from one of the oldest newsreel agencies in the world, feels like a natural alignment between our two businesses”.

The British Pathé Time to Remember Stills Collection is available to search now at Visit our website to browse the entire collection, or click here for edited highlights.