Mary Evans Picture Library collection of the week: Alinari

Posing for the cover photo of a woman's magazine Date: 1950-1960 ca.

At the age of 56, we consider ourselves among the elders of the picture library business, but we’ve got nothing on Alinari, which was established in Italy way back in 1852.

Leopoldo Alinari set up his photographic studio when photography was still in its infancy, and two years later was joined by brothers Giuseppe and Romualdo to form Fratelli Alinari Fotografi Editori.

Initially photographing works of art, they soon branched out into portraiture and places. Today, their archive in Florence holds 5.5 million images.

Considering this illustrious heritage, it is no surprise that, among the 5000+ Alinari images we represent, is an impressive selection on fine art and cultural heritage ranging from ancient sites to Renaissance masters.

Equally, Alinari’s rich archives of historic photography offer a mouth-watering melange of periods and styles, showing life in Italy and beyond through the 19th and 20th century, but also some of the most exquisite art photography.

From moody landscapes to chic fashion shoots, still lives to erotica, it’s a truly inspirational collection and guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing.

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Mary Evans Picture Library newsletter – 7 May, 2020.
Picture credit: Posing for the cover photo of a woman’s magazine ©Alinari Archives / Mary Evans Picture Library