Mary Evans Picture Library collection of the week: Vyntage Visuals

Man watching a high diver preparing to jump from diving board. Date: 1930s

Vyntage Visuals is a collection of over 4000 black and white stock images with a European flavour dating back to the 1930s.

Subjects include the expected stock themes of holidays, work, leisure and education, but the crisp quality and evocative atmosphere of this collection sets it apart, and makes it perfect for more creative projects, in particular book covers.

There are images redolent of endless summer days (and correspondingly endless sunbathing), breathtaking landscapes and carefree country drives; rural life, cafe society and cruise ship holidays.

There is also a rather charming wire-haired fox terrier who pops up in a number of photographs and appears to have been something of a favourite of one photographer!

We’ve pulled together a curated selection of 200 images to give you flavour of this vividly vintage contributor collection.

Mary Evans Picture Library newsletter – 4 June, 2020.
Picture credit: Man watching a high diver preparing to jump from diving board, 1930s ©Vyntage Visuals / Everett Collection / Mary Evans Picture Library