Mary Evans Picture Library – Found in space!

Major Tim Peake
Major Tim Peake Mary Evans Picture Library press release 28 September, 2016.

The staff at Mary Evans Picture Library is accustomed to seeing the archive’s images used in some unusual places but they have never had a picture appear in outer space – until now.

On his recent mission with the European Space Agency, astronaut Major Tim Peake was photographed signing some of the Isle of Man Stamps & Coins for the Royal Aeronautical Society 150th anniversary stamp issue covers aboard the International Space Station.

Mary Evans Picture Library supplied the images from the Royal Aeronautical Society’s collection (which it represents exclusively) for the stamp issue and related philatelic products, and here they are, orbiting the Earth.

We know our collection is unique,” says Tom Gillmor, Head of Content at Mary Evans Picture Library, “but this latest development makes it truly out of this world.”

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