Mary Evans Picture Library now represents National Museums Northern Ireland


The Tipster (1928). Luke, John 1906-1975. Date: 1928Mary Evans Picture Library are delighted to announce their new representation of National Museums Northern Ireland’s superlative collection of fine art paintings, watercolours, photographs and prints, containing works of international importance and historical significance. The first showcase of this wide-ranging collection, highlights the variety of artistic styles and periods covered in the fine art of the Ulster Museum.

The painting collection includes works by Sir John Lavery, William Conor, Frank O’Meara and John Luke, representing a strong core of works by Irish artists. There are also paintings by artists as diverse as portraitists Gainsborough and Reynolds, Italian master Pompeo Batoni, and naive Cornish painter Alfred Wallis, as well as drawings by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Henry Fuseli and costume designer Charles Ricketts.

To view just a small sample of images from this wonderful collection, click here.

The Tipster (1928). Luke, John 1906-1975. Date: 1928 ©National Museums NI/Mary Evans Picture Library