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Mary evans

From Mary Evans ‘A Jubilant Reminder’:

With the UK celebrating the first ever royal Platinum Jubilee, it’s no surprise that the news stands are full of special issues commemorating Her Majesty’s 70 years on the throne. The Illustrated London News, the world’s first illustrated paper, launched 180 years ago in May 1842, was a pioneer of so-called ‘special numbers’ and in particular lavishly produced souvenir editions marking the jubilees of Queen Victoria, King George V and those of our present Queen. Still going strong today as a publisher and digital content agency, ILN has carried on this tradition into the 21st century and this year have published a superb bookazine to mark the Platinum Jubilee, filled with a rich mix of imagery taken from the ILN archive housed and managed here at the library.

At the moment we are helping clients on a daily basis with requests on a royal theme, with the nine magazines comprising the ILN archive often being the first place we turn to, whether we’re searching for an 1897 Diamond Jubilee cover or the 1961 royal tour of West Africa. If you’re still working on projects in the run up to the jubilee celebrations at the end of this month, do get in touch and we’ll be delighted to help.

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Image credit © Illustrated London News Ltd/Mary Evans