Mary Evans Picture Library showcase the work of Andrew Besley

collage of images by andrew besley

Mary Evans Picture Library have represented the professional photographer Andrew Besley since the acquisition of Barnaby’s Picture Library in 2001, an agency to which Andrew was for many years a major contributor.

Andrew built up an international reputation over four decades, producing stock library photographs, supplying photography to the national press and in so doing capturing the general public, politicians, celebrities and members of the royal family. Andrew moved to west Cornwall in 1968 and was often responsible for images that accompanied breaking news stories, most famously the Fastnet yachting disaster of 1979.

Andrew’s photographs document life in Cornwall with wit, humour and an insatiable eye for the quirks and characters of everyday life. As fashions and lifestyles changed, Andrew has retained an uncanny ability to make everyone he encounters feel at ease with the situation, from the youngest subject to the most famous politician. We continue to add more material from Andrew’s extensive collection every year and his work remains popular across all sections of our client base.

Images © Mary Evans Picture Library/ANDREW BESLEY