My4Corners: the Station Master

The Station Master, Sri Lanka

In the first of a series, 4Corners photographers share their thoughts about a favourite photo:

Justin Cliffe: “What a great image of this Station Master who’s clearly happy to have his photograph taken. Particularly like the fact that he’s right in the middle of both the image and his office which gives an excellent sense of place; there’s even someone looking in through the right window – brilliant timing. It’s a great environmental portrait, I just wish I’d taken it myself!”

4Corners says: “With a cool and shady office and a tidy big desk, the station master must be quite important in Sri Lanka! The framed portraits and notices, the timetable and ticket window keep our eyes in motion as we try and see into those frames within the frame, but we always alight at the station master’s smile!”

Gavin Gough: “Taken during a magazine assignment in Sri Lanka, that friendly smile is typical of the friendly and hospitable welcome I received all over the island. Spending two weeks travelling around the country by train provided many fond memories and Sri Lanka remains high on my list of places to return to.”

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4Corners Images newsletter – 5 May, 2020.
Picture credit: the Station Master, Sri Lanka FCR-475222  ©Gavin Gough / 4Corners Images