Nature Picture Library photographers get creative in lockdown – part 1

nature photography in lockdown

How have photographers been affected by the Covid-19 lockdown?

We asked our contributors to tell us their lockdown stories and to show us the photos they have managed to shoot in these difficult circumstances.

We’ve been surprised at what they have managed to achieve – and how many fascinating subjects they found close to home!

You can read their personal stories in our Photographers in Lockdown blog, and also view a wider selection of lockdown images in our new Photographer Lockdown gallery.

We received such a fantastic response from our photographers to this request that we’ve decided to divide the lockdown blog into two instalments.

This one has a European focus and the second, with a more global view including material from India, Australia, Hawaii and the Galapagos, will follow soon.

We hope you find our lockdown stories inspiring – watch out for part 2!

Nature Picture Library newsletter – 22 May, 2020
 Picture credits: ©Doug Gimesy; Emanuele Biggi; Alex Hyde; Matthew Maran /