New at 4Corners Images: heat, dust and beans – Mexico's Baja California Peninsula


Famous in film and literature as the ultimate destination for great beaches, great surf and a laid back lifestyle,  Baja California is lapped by the Pacific Ocean on the West and the Gulf of California in the East. Baja’s unique peninsular geography gives rise to a splendid combination of climate and spectacular cuisine that has been dubbed Baja Med; a fusion of traditional Mexican, Mediterranean and, suprisingly, Chinese influences that marry flavours and techniques in exciting and surprising new ways. Baja is also famed as the birthplace of the Margarita cocktail and the Ceasar Salad, which was first served to visiting Americans in the Prohibition years.

Giovanni Simeone photographed the length of Baja California from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas in several trips. See all his evocative images of Baja California here.

image SIM-490276 Trans-Peninsula Highway © Giovanni Simeone