New photo-app Clixta launches with Copyright Hub Technology

Copyright Hub press release.

Clixta, the first live mobile application powered by the Copyright Hub launched in London today, Wednesday 4 May 2016.

Clixta is a photo sharing social network completely focused on the past. It allows individuals, special interest groups or large organisations to easily save and share their old photographs. The Clixta app in available on both IOS and Android.

Every image uploaded to Clixta is automatically assigned a Hub Key so that uploaders can easily manage their own copyright. The market for sharing, printing and earning revenue from old photos is set to grow significantly, and in the future Clixta will allow photo owners to licence their images for use. For now Hub Keys offer great peace of mind to those concerned about the security of their treasured snaps.

The Clixta service is an amazing and innovative addition to the growing list of applications making use of the Copyright Hub and its underlying technology to enhance and grow their business, while creating a new future of digital licensing for consumers and rights holders alike.

The technology was pioneered by the Copyright Hub in partnership with the Digital Catapult.

Dominic Young, CEO of the Copyright Hub, said: “Clixta is a great example of an innovative and consumer-friendly idea that can be enhanced by Hub technology. People need to know that their precious images will remain under their control on the internet, and Hub Keys will make this intuitive and straightforward”.

Shaun Cutler, co-creator of Clixta, added: “We are delighted to be working with the Copyright Hub at our national launch. We know from Clixta’s beta phase that people are really excited about sharing old photographs for social and family reasons. Now we can offer them the full confidence to do so.”


Notes to editors

Clixta is a photo sharing network completely focused on the past. A simple, fun way to share your old photos and save them for future generations.

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Martin Le Jeune, Monument Communications, 00 44 7740 257170

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