New Royal Armouries online image library launched – using Capture technology

Armour (domaru) presented to King James I by Tokugawa Hidetada in 1613
Capture Ltd press release – 8 April 2019.

In exciting news, the Royal Armouries, keeper of the UK’s national collection of arms and armour, recently launched their new online image library, utilising new Capture WEBSITE 3 front-end technology.

Adam Lumb, Head of Commercial Development and IP at the Royal Armouries, notes:

“Some of the most compelling narratives of human experience have been shaped by arms and armour, and the consequences of their use is all around us. At the same time, their development has drawn on contributions from great scientists, craftsmen and artists. So whilst the artefacts themselves are fascinating and have intrinsic interest, they also provide a unique route to understanding history and cultures from Britain and the world.”

“Our library prides itself on holding the highest quality and range of photographs possible on the subject of arms and armour and we wanted to create a service that made the search and purchase of our remarkable images a simple process.”

“In choosing to work with Capture we were looking for a partner who would make picture research easy for clients with our content front-and-centre. Developing and integrating digital projects can be complex, therefore what also appealed to us about Capture was their dedicated project management staff and direct input from client services senior staff. Many of the Capture team have been worked in picture libraries so they understand what we do and what our client’s need. Capture is more than the great technology solutions they provide.’ ‘I am very pleased with the results.”

The Capture WEBSITE 3 front-end comes with beautifully designed templates, to give an unparalleled combination of all the power of Capture’s Digital Asset Management (DAM), business and e-commerce platform.

Speaking of the project, Abbie Enock, CEO of Capture Ltd, states:

“It has been an honour working with the Royal Armouries team. They have amazing content and we are proud to be part of helping bring this to a wider audience. Their professional approach and can-do attitude has helped the project go with a swing, and we are looking forward the next exciting stage in the Royal Armouries evolution.”

Click here to visit the image library, and to access more information about Royal Armouries.

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Picture credit: Armour (domaru) presented to King James I by Tokugawa Hidetada in 1613. ©Royal Armouries