New shoots from Nature Picture Library

collage of spring pictures

Spring is well underway in the Northern Hemisphere, which means warmer weather, longer days and increased animal activity. Birds are nesting, insects are on the wing, and wildflowers are pushing their heads towards the sun.

It’s also a busy time of year for Nature Picture Library photographers. The last couple of months have seen a flurry of brand new images, fresh from the field. Mountain hares, black grouse, flying squirrels and tiny squid have all been captured in the throes of their breeding seasons, and one photographer discovered something bizarre and beautiful in his local wood.

Take a look at the images – all shot in March and April this year – in our brand new blog.

We hope these seasonal photo shoots bring a little bit of spring fever to your week.

Nature Picture Library newsletter – 10 May, 2021.
Picture credits ©Erlend Haarberg; Markus Varesvuo; Tony Wu; Andy Sands /