New tools for researchers at Mary Evans Picture Library

Mary Evans Picture Library press release – 14 July, 2020.

One of the most successful resources on the Mary Evans Picture Library has been the Anniversaries page which helps inspire clients with ideas by looking a few years ahead to when notable historical anniversaries will be taking place and providing a ready-made selection of images to reduce research time. A growing problem for many picture library clients is how to navigate the sheer numbers of images online at a picture library, and Mary Evans has started to address this by adding even more to help clients with ideas and resources to save time and work.

Recently Mary Evans announced the launch of its Celebrity Anniversaries page which goes hand in hand with the ever-growing film resource with pre-researched selections of images for the most famous or prolific film stars, as well as a calendar option to view which stars were born or died on a particular day. It’s a one stop shop for ideas and images.

Also added was the Artist’s directory which provides an alphabetical listing of artists and illustrators, both world famous and lesser known, with a curated selection of images showing their work for easy research. The directory can be used either to find a particular artist, or can be browsed for inspiration. You may be surprised at what you find!

And now, to complement the Artist’s directory, the Contributor Collections page has been completely updated to include almost every collection of every type, with a brief description to help clients discover more about some of the rarer and more unique collections, as well as a link to view a selection of images specifically from that collection.

Mary Evans Picture Library has long been associated with providing tools to help picture researchers, starting with the very first Picture Researchers Handbook written and compiled by Hilary Evans back in the 1970s. Though times have changed, clients still need resources to find pictures and with millions more images added to the Mary Evans website over the last few years, helping researchers find what they are looking for has become a priority.