PICSEL has Rebranded and Relaunched

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Newsletter 17 November 2021

A new Logo and fresh Website

Created by rightsholders for rightsholders, PICSEL has grown to represent thousands of visual artists and their representatives. It’s therefore right that our new website should showcase the work of both photographers and agencies.

We are proud to have the renowned architectural photographer Richard Bryant and Magnum Photos, one of the first photographer co-operatives, as the featured artist and agency for our relaunch. Our remit is to inform and educate on secondary rights. The website explains what it is, how it works and how visual artists can receive the fair remuneration they rightly deserve.

Please take the opportunity to explore the website. If anything is unclear then please let us know so that we can address it.

Distribution News

2021 was a record RightShare® distribution for PICSEL bringing over £3.2m to members since 2017 whilst maintaining a record low fee of 15%.

Our unique distribution policy meant that in 2021 individual rightsholders could receive over £6,000, with single images earning up to £2,300.

Most importantly, at a time when the value gap for creators is an ever-growing reality, we work to ensure that the copyright of visual artists is respected when reproduced and used, and that remuneration is fair.

In coming months we hope to bring news to members of new revenue streams currently in development.

If you have any comments or questions about secondary rights, or free membership, please respond to

Picture Industry Collecting Society for Effective Licensing

Featured image © Richard Bryant