Piemags Launches


An Editorial Powerhouse of Specialist Stock Photography

An Introduction to an extraordinary collection

There’s nothing stock about a Piemags image or video. Our shots and footage are authentic moments of history captured for all time in pinpoint, high-definition glory.

Following a decade of service in the UK’s Royal Air Force, Paul Fearn founded Piemags to provide a personal, quality and direct service to the media and editorial teams, offering outstanding content all on one platform with competitive pricing. Striking content, unrivalled quality, total relevance and easy pricing are the aim and driving forces of the business.

More than 3 million images are already online, and new collections added daily. Piemags has made a decision to specialise in History, Art, Space Exploration/Astronomy and Transportation and Military. The curated stock content is sourced from some of the world’s finest art galleries, museums, and private archives, and the Bygone Era collections provide a fantastical trip through the past in paintings, etchings, and photographs. They tell stories where mere words won’t suffice.

Given Paul’s background, Military content is an important part of the business, with extensive specialist Military galleries featuring video and images from the American Civil War, to the First World War and up to modern-day conflicts, including Top Gun-style jet fighter videos and training exercises. It is used as a near endless source of footage for networks such as CNN, NBC and BBC News.

Piemags have invested heavily in easy search facilities, but the company also provides a personal search service, as CEO, Paul Fearn, says, “fire off an email to us and we will either find it from our own collection or contact our extensive trade contacts to source what you need fast and efficiently. This is combined with easy purchase options and competitively priced licence deals and tailor-made account facilities. It’s why we say that buyers save time and save resources with every image you need, all on one site – Piemags!”

For more information contact info@piemags.com Tel: +44 (0)1656 713706

Image credit © Piemags