Pixelrights launches new SmartFrame website

Pixelrights press release – 14 June, 2017.

Pixelrights Limited today announced the launch of its new website. Pixelrights is the parent company of SmartFrame, an innovative new, secure online image technology. SmartFrame is designed as a seamless replacement for the traditional image format, offering users both protection and unprecedented control over their online content preventing both casual and deliberate online theft. It offers a fantastic user experience and new revenue channels for all photographers and to picture libraries. Copyright awareness and attribution has often been widely ignored since the launch and development of the Jpeg format in 1992 and it has taken until now for a company like Pixelrights to develop this ground breaking technology.

We recognise the important role that we can play in helping the visual communications industry fight against copyright infringement online in a smart efficient way as well as helping picture libraries and managers of large and small photo archives generate new revenue streams” says SmartFrame CEO, Robert Sewell.

The website designed by SmartFrame’s innovative technology team in Poland harnesses the commercial experience out of the London based HQ can be viewed at www.smartframe.io

The SmartFrame team has gone from strength to strength, partnering with trade bodies and industry leaders as well as hosting ground breaking workshops. Catch Rob Sewell, CEO, speaking at the IPTC Conference at CEPIC Congress Berlin this Friday on regaining control of one’s images. Check out the new site and contact the team direct with any questions or to request a demo.

About SmartFrame:

SmartFrame is a patent-pending, secure, trackable and interactive digital image file that offers substantial commercial benefits compared to using standard image formats such as JPG. SmartFrame can help you to prevent lost revenue and to protect your valuable content from casual and intended theft. You retain control at all times and can display your images pixel perfect on any device, whilst driving more traffic and sales back to your platform.