Science Photo Library and Sucré Salé announce strategic partnership

Science Photo Library press release – 3 September, 2019.

Science Photo Library (SPL), the world’s leading source of science and medicine content and Sucré Salé, one of France’s leading photo agencies, announced today a strategic partnership to deliver SPL’s collection of scientific images and videos to the French market.

SPL has worked for over 40 years with a wide range of specialists from scientific communities and medical professionals, ensuring our images and videos are accurate and the highest quality.

The curated collection features extraordinary content covering healthcare, science, technology, space, environment, the natural world and history.

We’ve created a new website that is fully searchable in French and focused on what we do best – delivering cutting edge content.

This will further strengthen our presence in the French market and provide full access to our world class collection.

The partnership between SPL and Sucré Salé represents the perfect blend of knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver exceptional content to a broad community of business and creative professionals.

Both companies have an unrivalled reputation and share the same vision of providing unparalleled content unique in quality, accuracy and depth of information.

Giancarlo Zuccotto, SPL’s Director, said: ‘We live in a digital age, where science content is crucial in media, education and the creative landscape.

This new partnership makes inspiring and hard to source scientific content available to diverse audiences.

We believe it will further strengthen our already established presence in the French market.’

Patrick Alloncle, Sucré Salé’s Director, comments: ‘We are delighted with this new partnership with Science Photo Library.

Their exceptional collection spans many topics, including medical advances and contemporary environmental issues.

We are excited to represent this outstanding and unique collection of about 700 000 images and over 70 000 videos on a dedicated French website launching on 3 September.

The media, educational world and creative professionals will find valuable content to meet all their needs.’

About Science Photo Library

Science Photo Library is the leading source of science images and videos. Sourced from scientific and medical experts, acclaimed photographers and renowned institutions, SPL’s content is unrivalled worldwide.

Outstanding quality, accuracy and commitment to excellence are deeply embedded in the company’s DNA.  Science Photo Library inspires creative professionals and delivers engaging content of the highest quality for a wide range of clients in a variety of sectors.

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About Sucré Salé

Sucré Salé is France’s leading food image specialist, also known internationally under the brand PhotoCuisine. It provides creative professionals with a wide-range of high-quality food images, as well as a bespoke food photo production service.

The company has successfully developed specialized content offerings covering design and décor, travel and beauty presented through dedicated websites found at

To stand out in the market, Sucré Salé offers relevant and exclusive content to the media and creative professionals, coupled with a personalised service as part of its key values.

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