Shutterstock celebrates 100 million images and looks to what’s next with trends shaping the future of imagery


Shutterstock have announced that their collection has reached 100 million licensable images. In celebration of this momentous milestone and as a testament to their community of contributors, they have produced an infographic illustrating “The Top Ten Trends Shaping the Future of Imagery.”

Their curators, designers, photographers and image review team shared their predictions of the trends changing how we see the world. Some of the visual trends that are impacting the future of imagery include:

  • Crowdsourced Photojournalism – with improved mobile phone technology, particularly with the iPhone 7+  camera, eyewitness imagery is capturing the moments that define the news
  • 360 Photography – seeing the complete picture and creating an immersive image experience that can be explored from every angle
  • Daily Stories – the visual diaries popularized by Instagram and Snapchat that are elevating everyday life

The full infographic can be found here.