The story of The Berlin Wall through akg-images’ collections

Berlin, Germany.
Berlin Wall – Sector border

Fall of Berlin Wall in 1989: Section of the Wall behind the Reichstag building.

Photo, 1990, by Frank Silberbach
(born 1958).
From the series “Berlin 1990”.

On the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, akg-images invite you to view the political and cultural context of post-war Germany, the construction and the eventual fall of the Berlin Wall through this interactive presentation.

For more than 70 years, akg-images have been illustrating world’s history and culture through art and photography.

Today, their online collections of more than 4.5 million images provide a unique opportunity to put works of art or historical events into context by exploring the web of circumstances in which historic and cultural events or artworks were created. 

Contexts shape the meaning and interpretation of the world around us and are inseparable from the event or the work of art. 

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History of Berlin Wall Montage
Picture credit: Berlin Wall Behind Reichstag Building / Photo, 1990 (AKG470294, credit: Frank Silberbach / akg-images).