Tony Tree – Jobbing Photographer

Farley Farm House & Gallery  press release.
©Tony Tree

©Tony Tree

Tony Tree has been a professional photographer for more than 50 years, starting his career at House and Garden in the 1960s. Changing direction from interiors and studio work he travelled the world as an assistant to many of the decade’s most famous fashion photographers including David Bailey and Helmut Newton working at Vogue.

After several years working with Bailey and Newton at Vogue Tree decided fashion was not the direction he wished to be working in and felt that working in a closer more intimate setting within a location such as Sussex, that he knew and loved fitted better. From his home town of Brighton he undertook commissions from national magazines and newspapers photographing writers, potters, artists as well as documentary work.

During the late 70s he joined the Evening Argus, the Brighton based newspaper, and stayed for over 20 years. He says, “No two days were the same, travelling from one end of the county to photograph hard news, features on everyday people was far more rewarding than a two week fashion shoot in a Moroccan sand dune of the latest in Haute Couture fur coats.”

“Although I would not have missed the experiences for the world I felt more at ease on home ground’

“The Argus gave me the working experiences to assess a situation speedily, make a decision on the image to be taken and work with the minimum of fuss and no large and bulky equipment to complicate the situation. Just one opportunity to get the best from a situation and to coax the very best from the subject.”

“Before the march of technology the black and white films had to be got back to Brighton, developed and printed and on to the next job.”

“It was an amazing team to be working with, from photographers and reporters, news desk, sub editors, printers and van drivers all working to such tight deadlines and it worked flawlessly. Well most times!”

As part of a Millennium project Tony has worked with Brighton and Hove’s many ethnic groups and nationalities to create a photo essay depicting how different cultures and traditions contribute to the life of our local community.  “The diversity of culture combined with a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere are what makes this area so special for many people.”

With the active help and co-operation of the communities concerned Tree took more than 3000 black and white photographs of celebrations and customs rarely seen by the community at large.

Much of the idea for the project had been conceived during his time at The Argus. My work took me into all areas of the community. I was fascinated by the way so many different cultures continued to thrive and maintain their identities”.

In recent years Tree has gone back to his love photographing interiors and art both at Charleston and at Farley Farm House, the home of Sir Roland Penrose and Lee Miller and is the interior photographer for the book on Farley Farm House that is due to be published later this year.

Tony Tree  – Jobbing Photographer featured in Farley Farm Gallery is open to the public every Sunday between 2nd August  and 4th October in conjunction with Farley Farm House – Home of the Surrealists – Lee Miller and Roland Penrose.

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