Watching the Detective with Trevillion Images

Trevillion Images press release.

This month (May) celebrates the birthday of one of the most famous authors in the world, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

Sir Arthur remains a household name, and is famous the world over for his stories about the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, perhaps the most famous detective ever!  Conan Doyle can be rightly applauded as the father of crime fiction.

As we all know, the Sherlock Holmes books were written and took place in late Victorian Britain  – which is why his books always evoke an atmosphere of mystery and suspense. And to enhance the intrigue, Doyle frequently surrounded Holmes, and his despicable and dastardly criminals, in the swirling, menacing London Fog!

To celebrate the birthday of this grand master of crime, Trevillion has put together a special ‘Sherlock Selection’ of images – we hope you enjoy them!

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Trevilllion Images Sherlock Holmes collage

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