Werner Forman Archive: 60 years of unique images of ancient civilisations

Collage including bust of Nefertiti
Werner Forman Archive press release – 15 March, 2019.

Werner Forman spent his whole life travelling the world and photographing the remains and artefacts of ancient cultures.

His legacy is a treasure trove of fascinating images, and in some cases, recordings of things that have disappeared since he recorded them on film.

Werner Forman photographed ancient art, antiquities, architecture, people and landscapes that came in front of his lens, until his passing in 2010.

His legacy of extraordinary photographs remain in the Werner Forman Archive, a treasury of past ages, covering subjects as varied as the Aztecs, Tang China, the Vikings, the Inuit and the Maori.

The archive will be at fotofringe on 21 March 2019 from 09:30 in the Battlebridge Room Table BB24 at Kings Place.

Come and visit us and have a chat.

Picture credit©Werner Forman Archive