Werner Forman Archive features calligraphy


Werner Forman Archive have some beautiful examples of calligraphy from all over the globe. Here are a few interesting items from their wide range of written works.

1. Decorated Koran from Egypt, Mamluk, 14th century.


2. Page from the 16th century version of the “Jonsbok” the law code brought to Iceland from Norway. This marginal illustration shows a long ship at sea and the text refers to the law code and arrangements for freight handling.


3. Detail of calligraphy in mosaic in the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain which was begun in 786 CE.


4. Painting depicting geese and lotus flowers. Ink on paper. 17th century, China.


5. Boxes containing religious books. Mongolian written literature was influenced by the introduction of Tibetan Buddhism around the end of 16th century. Detail of writing and dragon decoration.


Werner Forman Archive have many more images on this theme from all kinds of different cultures and eras.


Picture credit: ©Werner Forman Archive