What next for the Digital Single Market?

British Association of Picture Libraries & Agencies
Europe for Creators press release – 25 April, 2019.

Now that the EU copyright directive has been adopted by the European Council on 15 April 2019, it’s time for Member States to begin transposing it into national law.

They each have two years to do so starting from the day in which the Directive is published on the official journal, which is expected soon.

France plans to implement the Directive as soon as possible, according to Franck Riester, France’s Culture Minister. He declared the Directive a ‘beautiful European law’ and added that it would “change nothing for internet users, but will change everything for content creators.”

The Europe For Creators campaign thanks everyone who worked tirelessly to ensure this Directive was approved! In particular, thank you to all the creators and people from the creative sector who spoke out on social media, signed petitions, voiced opinions in videos and attended events, gatherings, conferences, etc. You were all a part of the democratic process and should be proud of your involvement in this achievement..

A special thanks also goes out to the policy-makers for their vision and commitment to the creation of a fairer Digital Single Market.

The full press release and more information on how the member states voted in the Council can be found here.