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To be a clear and representative voice for the United Kingdom image licensing industry.

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BAPLA represents image licensors. Founded in 1975, BAPLA is the UK trade association for picture libraries and agencies, now incorporating a broad and diverse membership.

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BAPLA members range from the biggest names in the business to smaller, specialist collections. Between them they offer an enormous range of high quality pictures across all subjects, together with price structures and licence types to service all requirements.

The Image Suppliers section of the website is designed to help you find the image supplier - and therefore the images - you need.

Homepage picture credits

Young Buddhist monk at Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap, Cambodia ©Paul Brown / Ardea ●  Watercolor painting of satsuma oranges (crop) ©Hannah Clarke / Ikon Images ● Sunrise furnishing fabric, by Lucienne Day for Heal's ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London ● Seascape from the 'Birkdale'(crop) by Herbert Barnard John Everett ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London ● 'For Leisure and Pleasure Choose Burnham-on- Sea' poster (crop) ©National Railway Museum / Science & Society Picture Library