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To be a clear and representative voice for the United Kingdom image licensing industry.

Who we represent
BAPLA represents image licensors. Founded in 1975, BAPLA is the UK trade association for picture libraries and agencies, now incorporating a broad and diverse membership.

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BAPLA members range from the biggest names in the business to smaller, specialist collections. Between them they offer an enormous range of high quality pictures across all subjects, together with price structures and licence types to service all requirements.

The Image Suppliers section of the website is designed to help you find the image supplier - and therefore the images - you need.

BAPLA FOCUS at fotofringe

Registration is now open for three free workshops at fotofringe on 23 April 2020. The workshops offer an opportunity to develop your professional knowledge, learning from industry insiders, and to share your questions and expertise with peers.

BAPLA Online Copyright Infringement Report

This in-depth report examines the impact of online copyright infringement now and over the past 10 years. It is significant in highlighting the long-held belief that BAPLA members have economically suffered as a consequence of constant copyright infringement on the internet, contributing to the ‘value gap’ in the image industry.

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white flower petals ©Loupe Images · female nude ©Jessa Fairbrother/Millennium Images, UK · portrait of Elizabeth 1st (Armada Portrait) ©National Maritime Museum, Greenwich London. All rights reserved. · Zenhusen (the Zen Houses) sustainable town houses, Stockholm, Sweden ©Michael Perlmutter /Arcaid Images · dew drops on poppy flower stalk ©Andrea Pavan / 4Corners Images · chunks of ice on a lava sand beach, Hornafjoerdur, Sudursveit, Iceland© Sven-Erik Arndt/Ardea