Best Practice Procedure

Best Practice Procedure

The objective of the BAPLA Best Practice Committee is to promote best practice within the picture industry.

If you believe that a BAPLA Member is acting contrary to the Code of Best Practice, you can contact the BAPLA Best Practice Committee.

The BAPLA procedure for handling complaints is below.  

  • Please send full written details of your complaint by email to
    Your complaint should include the full name of the complainant (individual, or if complaint is made on behalf of a business, the name of the business), address and contact details, and the nature of your complaint.
  • A BAPLA staff member will acknowledge receipt in writing within 7 days of receipt of the complaint.
    The complaint will be shared with the Best Practice Committee which is comprised of members of the BAPLA Executive Board.
    If the complaint is in relation to a BAPLA Member represented on the Best Practice Committee, that representative will be excluded from the complaint process so as not to put them in a position of conflict of interest.
  • The complaint will be assessed by the Best Practice Committee to ensure that it:
    • is legitimate;
    • falls within the scope of BAPLA’s activity as set out in the Code of Best Practice, BAPLA’s constitutional documents and the “About Us” section of the BAPLA website;
    • is not frivolous, vexatious or in abuse of process.
      If the complaint does not qualify for consideration, you will be informed in writing and given reasons for BAPLA’s decision.
  • The BAPLA Member will be contacted by a member of the Best Practice Committee with a request for written comments concerning the complaint.
    BAPLA may request further information from the complainant.
    All documents provided to BAPLA will be treated in strict confidence and not shared with third parties save for BAPLA’s advisors (on a confidential basis) or as may be required by law.
    This process will be undertaken within two weeks of receipt of your written complaint.
  • Within 28 days of receiving the complaint, the Best Practice Committee will reach a decision in relation to your complaint and you will be contacted to inform you of the outcome and what action has been taken or will be taken.
    In exceptional circumstances it may take longer than 28 days to investigate your complaint; in this instance you will be kept informed of progress of the investigation by a BAPLA staff member.
  • BAPLA’s complaints process does not replace, or deprive you of, your legal remedies.


BAPLA is a trade association that represents picture libraries and agencies.  As such BAPLA’s response to questions relating to the Code of Best Practice or other activity of BAPLA or its Members is offered as non-binding guidance. 

BAPLA does not offer legal advice and it is the responsibility of its Members to obtain suitable legal advice if needed.

Save for the matters governed by your membership agreements with BAPLA, BAPLA does not operate a system of sanctions or remedies which may be enforced by BAPLA against Members and vice versa.

Under no circumstances can BAPLA deal with matters that fall outside its scope of activities as a trade organisation, such as contractual and copyright-related matters in relation to its Members’ businesses.

BAPLA has no authority to intervene in legal disputes involving BAPLA Members.

Decisions made by the Best Practice Committee are final and will be implemented by the BAPLA Executive Board.