PO Box 33, Edenbridge TN8 5PF, United Kingdom

TopFoto is one of the world’s great independent photographic resources, with a studio and 3,000 square foot historic archive located in Kent, just 45 minutes from London and globally through and our network of partner agencies worldwide. TopFoto licenses and supplies images across all subjects and eras to publishers, creatives, filmmakers and the wider museum and cultural sector, and has done since 1927.

The foundations of TopFoto are the legendary 20th century press photo archives from the golden days of Fleet Street, providing historical visual storytelling second to none.  Saving, preserving and making the collections accessible is a core mission.

Major exclusive photographer representations include Colin Jones (hailed as the “George Orwell of photography” by the Sunday Times); filmmaker Ken Russell’s 1950s photography of London and subcultures such as the Teddy Girls; 1960s avant garde photographer Graham Keen; English social-documentary genius John Topham; and Harold Chapman (The Beat Hotel and London in the swinging 60s).  Exclusive collections include the Punch cartoon and magazine archive; and the seminal US Civil Rights collection of Take Stock.

In 2023 the Roger Bamber photographic collection was gifted to the archive.

From celebrities to UFOs and everything in between, the experienced in-house TopFoto team support busy researchers to find the right selection of images at speed and at affordable fees.