Clemency Wright Consulting LTD

20 Hawthorn Gardens, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3DE

Keywording Consultant helping creative businesses optimise access and visibility to digital content online using strategic Keywording methodologies. Providing bespoke Keywording as an outsourced service, as well as Keywording training workshops and consultancy. Specialising in developing Controlled Vocabularies for creative photography and video, and developing Metadata schemas for in-house image databases and Digital Asset Management systems. 

Clemency trained as a Keyworder at Getty Images in 2001, before becoming a Search Vocabulary Editor responsible for creating and editing Getty’s vocabulary of Keywords powering the customer website. In her customer-facing role at V&A Images, Clemency managed design and advertising customer accounts, and advised upon Keywording methodology for the V&A Images online collection. 

Clemency blends Keywording expertise for both commercial and non-profit organisations. Clients include Save The Children, World Vision and The Art Fund, as well as stock photographers, videographers and photo licensing agencies. 

Clemency is offering BAPLA members a free 20 min Zoom call to explore potential opportunities to work together. BAPLA members are also eligible to a 10% discount off Clemency’s standard Consultancy and Keywording rates.