I need to be reminded of my password for the BAPLA website.

You can use the automatic password reset using the form below.

If you can't remember the email address you used to register, contact the BAPLA office and they will try to retrieve it for you.

What resources can I access?

Here is as list of the documents, members can access from the resources page. Documents are pre-assigned to the different membership pathways.

 BAPLA Members Guides

  • Artistic craftsmanship works checklist
  • BAPLA Members Guide to Section 52 (CDPA 1988)
  • BAPLA Members Guide to UK Copyright Changes

Copyright Notice and Takedown

  • Copyright Notice and Takedown


  • BAPLA logo
  • BAPLA Articles of the Association

BAPLA Webinars

  • Recordings and PDF presentations

Copyright Guides

  • BCC Copyright Highway Code Guides

Advice and Support

  • BAPLA Legal Advice Line - how to access


  • Photographer Representation Agreement 2017
  • Guidelines on Photographer Representation Agreement 2017
  • BAPLA Terms and Conditions 2021
  • Cepic Image Supplier and Licensor Agreement



Rights & Licensing

  • State of the Industry Survey 2021
  • State of the Industry Survey 2018
  • Members Rights Bundle Research 2017
  • Simplified Rights Model Survey 2016
  • Merchandising/Consumer Products Survey 2016
  • Survey on Web, Social Media & Apps 2015
  • Advertising & Promotion Survey 2014
  • Footage Survey 2013
  • Newspaper Survey 2012
  • Magazine Survey 2011
  • Digital Rights Model for Magazines 2011
  • Fee Negotiation for Apps 2011
  • Book Publishing Survey 2010
  • Digital Rights Model for Books 2010
  • Top Ten Tips for Fee Negotiation
  • Pricing Trends Survey 2008
  • Pricing Trends Survey Client Perspective 2008

How do I publish a job ad?

Job ads are free to BAPLA members as part of their membership, so you just need to email the copy for your ad to the BAPLA office.

How do I subscribe to the members' newsletter?

Please contact the BAPLA office and they will add you to the list of subscribers.

I have news for the blog or newsletter - who do I contact?

Please send your news to Sohaila or contact her with any questions.

How do I add pictures to our company page?

Please email the pictures to the BAPLA office.

Pictures should be sized to approximately:

  • Portrait: width 600px / height 904px
  • Landscape: width 1700px / height 875px

You can send up to 9 pictures

How do I notify BAPLA of a change of address?

Please contact BAPLA office.

How do I update the details on our page in the directory?

Please contact Sohaila with details of any changes you would like made to your page.

Where can I find out about the benefits of my membership?

You can download an overview below:

Full and Associate Membership

Industry Supplier Membership