What We Do

Our Vision

To be a clear and representative voice for the United Kingdom image licensing industry.


Who We Represent

BAPLA represents image licensors.

Founded in 1975, BAPLA is the UK trade association for picture libraries and agencies, now incorporating a broad and diverse membership, including: sole traders; major stock, production and news agencies; SMEs; cultural heritage industries and technology companies.

A substantial percentage of images seen every day in print and digital media is supplied by BAPLA members.

Not all our members are listed on our website, but you can find the majority of full and associate members here and industry supplier members here.

Jonathan Lockwood presenting at BAPLA FOCUS 2016 ©Paul Seheult / Eye Ubiquitous
Picture credit: Jonathan Lockwood presenting at BAPLA FOCUS 2016 ©Paul Seheult / Eye Ubiquitous

Our Core Objectives


Represent members of all sizes and types

Support best practice amongst members in their business dealings

Encourage developments that assist members to connect with new and existing markets


Inform picture buyers and the creative industry about our members' collections, products and services

Provide members with relevant business information

Engage with members and the creative community to share and extend industry knowledge


Lobby at a national and international level to protect members' interests

Promote strong, fair and effective copyright and IP rights

Work with other organisations in the creative industry that share our objectives

In order to fulfil its mission to support, inform and protect, BAPLA has set the following aims for its activity for 2021

Provide excellent services to the membership to ensure we retain existing members, attract new members, and engage members in BAPLA's activities. This will be fulfilled by delivering a programme of monthly events throughout the year, developed with members needs and interests in mind.


Work with stakeholders, partners, government representatives, politicians and institutions, to carry forward lobbying work to ensure members' business activities are considered and protected in response to issues that may develop during the year. ​Membership of certain creative industry trade organisations forms a key part of this strategy for 2021.

Maximise BAPLA’s existing revenue streams, develop new revenue streams and control expenditure so as to balance the budget, to enable our ability to deliver membership value.

BAPLA is a member of the Alliance for IP, The British Copyright Council, Creators Rights Alliance and The Creative Industries Federation. We are a founding member of CEPIC (Coordination of European Picture Agencies Stock, Press and Heritage) and maintain close ties with the DMLA (Digital Media Licensing Association).